Mounjaro Nausea Relief

Mounjaro nausea relief

Combating Nausea Caused by Mounjaro® and Zepbound®

Nausea is a common side effect of tirzepatide, the active ingredient in the weight-loss medications Mounjaro® and Zepbound®. The good news is that, most of the time, it only lasts a few weeks after starting the medication or increasing the dose. 

In fact, my patients often say that this side effect usually happens the day after taking the medication and lasts only a couple of days.

However long it lasts, you still want to feel better, so here are a few tips for Zepbound and Mounjaro nausea relief. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not substitute individualized advice by your healthcare professional.

Mounjaro Nausea Relief

Let’s begin by discussing changes to your diet that will help combat nausea. We’ll also  explore natural remedies and conclude by considering when you should seek medical help.  

Changes to Your Diet

Eat small, frequent meals

Eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of fewer large meals can help reduce nausea by allowing your stomach to digest food more easily.  

Avoid large meals

When your stomach is overloaded with a large amount of food, it can put pressure on the digestive system, potentially causing nausea and even vomiting, in some cases.

Avoid fatty and fried foods

High-fat foods can be harder to digest and might worsen this side effect. Stick to lighter, low-fat options instead.

Avoid spicy or heavily seasoned foods

Opt for plain dishes, as heavily seasoned and spicy foods might further irritate the stomach.

Eat slowly

Take your time when eating, and chew your food thoroughly to aid digestion.

Stay upright after eating

Avoid lying down immediately after eating, as it can worsen this symptom. 

Avoid strong odors

Strong smells can trigger nausea, so try to stay clear of cooking strong-smelling foods or being around strong scents.

If you notice that you are more nauseous the day you take the medication or the following day, prepare your food for that time the day before. That way, you can avoid cooking while you don’t feel your best. 

Stay hydrated

To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of fluids, such as water, herbal teas, and electrolyte solutions that are low in sugar. Sip slowly and avoid drinking large amounts of liquid at once. 

Mounjaro nausea relief infographic

Foods That Are Easier to Tolerate

Food cold or at room temperature 

Cool or room-temperature foods are easier to handle because they have milder smells and flavors which are less likely to trigger nausea. 

Liquids or soft foods

If solid foods are difficult to tolerate, consider eating soft or liquid options, like smoothies, soups, yogurt, or applesauce until your nausea improves. 

I usually recommend choosing foods that are high in protein such as Greek yogurt and smoothies made with protein powder or nut butter.

High-protein diet

Foods that are high in protein are less likely to worsen this side effect when compared to a diet that is high in carbohydrates. 

Natural Food Remedies



Ginger has anti-nausea properties. You can drink ginger tea, chew on a piece of ginger or slowly eat a ginger candy.

You can buy ginger chews or drops at your local pharmacy or an online retailer. Here are a couple of examples:

Lemon ginger honey crystals

Organic Belly Comfort Lemon Ginger Lozenges

USDA Organic Natural Ginger Tummydrops


Drink peppermint tea or suck on peppermint candies to soothe your stomach. Don’t worry, a couple of candies will not derail your weight-loss efforts.

You can buy peppermint drops at your local pharmacy or an online retailer. Here are a few examples:

Yummy Earth Organic Wild Peppermint Candy Drops

Tummypops Peppermint 


The scent of lemon and its acidic properties can help reduce nausea. You can inhale the aroma of a freshly cut lemon or add lemon juice to water or tea.

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Other Natural Remedies

Deep breathing

Practicing deep-breathing exercises or meditation can help relax the body and alleviate nausea.


Taking time to rest in a comfortable position with your head elevated is reported to help you feel better when you feel nauseous.

Why does Tirzepatide Cause Nausea?

This weight-loss medication slows down how fast food moves through the stomach. This can make you feel full and decrease your appetite, but it might also lead to feeling nauseous. 

Changes in blood sugar levels can also contribute to the issue. 

Not everyone will feel nauseous while taking tirzepatide, and for most, it gets better with time. 

When to Seek Medical Help

Although feeling nauseous is a common side effect of tirzepatide, it’s important to know when it might be a sign of a more serious issue. 

If you experience ongoing or severe nausea, along with vomiting, stomach pain, or other concerning symptoms, call your doctor right away. 

A healthcare professional can prescribe a medication or adjust your dose, as necessary.

My Expert Opinion 

Nausea is a common side effect of medications like Mounjaro, Zepbound, and others used for weight loss. However, it’s good to keep in mind that not everyone will have the same experience; and even if you do feel it, the severity and frequency can vary.

Typically, it lasts only a few weeks, and many people find it occurs just a couple of days immediately after taking the medication. 

However, if you are experiencing severe, frequent, or prolonged nausea, or if it’s accompanied by severe vomiting or abdominal pain, it’s essential to consult with your doctor.

Don’t hesitate to seek help if you’re struggling with nausea; there are options available to help you manage it.

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